New Ideas for Generating Revenue with Video

At Plum Productions, we always pride ourselves on being able to show our clients how videos can help them gain visibility and enhance their marketing strategy. ┬áHowever, once in a while, one of our clients will surprise us with a new concept. ┬áRecently, a particularly inventive entreprenuer had an idea to help generate revenue, but he needed our help. This man’s business is a consulting firm, and he his clientele is spread across the country. He “meets” with them over the phone, but wanted to also offer an added service. ┬áThat’s where Plum Productions came in. We’re shooting ten minute educational and motivational videos that he distributes to his clients every week. ┬áSo, while he still gives them personalized weekly consultations, they’re also getting the added value of the educational videos and corresponding exercises. ┬á It’s as if he’s spending┬ámore time with every client every week, but without actually having to work longer hours. We love this idea! ┬áHow can you use video to give your existing clients added value without stretching your own schedule? ┬áFood for thought. The Plum Productions Team  

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