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Our 2022 compilation fits right in with our company culture: fun, high energy and, of course, eye popping visuals. We create awesome videos for a range of businesses and industries. Click the play button to get yourself fired up to start production.

600 BRICKELL..............

The build out of the penthouse office at 600 Brickell is nothing short of spectacular! We were thrilled to document the transformation over several months.  Amicon Construction is a long standing client and they did a fantastic job, as always.

THE DARDA GROUP ................

When a realty team says they want something different and offer to take your crew on their boat, “YES!” is the only right answer. We traveled across the state to create a series of commercials for this Compass Agency.


Bright colors, bumping music and BIG SMILES! This video truly captures the high energy of the YMCAÔÇÖs vibrant community. ┬áIf you need major workout motivation, just press play.

Micro Pop ................................

This┬áclip proves Plum Productions video marketing works! Watch, and we’re sure you’ll have a sudden craving for popcorn.┬áMicro Pop is an innovative kitchen product by Epoca, and this video is featured alongside the product on retail sites like Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond. ┬áSee Case Study

Auto Industry Reel..................

If you have a beautiful auto dealership to showcase, Plum Productions can provide you with awesome footage. Or, if you want a finished commercial, we can take it from here!


5 Million Organic Views And Counting!

YouTube Channel Management Services

Grow an audience with our YouTube channel management services. Channels under Plum Productions management have more than 5 Million organic views, every one of them a promotion for our client’s business.

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Connect In Real Time

Live Stream Production

Reach a live, global audience! Plum Productions delivers live streaming services that engage viewers anywhere. Live streaming is an effective tool for elearning, networking, fundraising and corporate communications.

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Production, Services, Solutions & Film Capabilities Overview

  • Drone Videography

    Drone videography is transforming our industry and we're here to help.

  • Concept Development

    Your successful video project begins with a vision. We never ÔÇ£wing it."

  • Location Scouting & Permitting

    Sometimes shooting in your office or our studio just wonÔÇÖt cut it.

  • YouTube Channel Management

    Organically grow your YouTube channel and reach a wider audience.

  • 3D Animation

    3D Animation is truly where you imagination can run wild!

  • Live Steam Production

    Reach your audience in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Plum Productions Work & Happy Customers

When Boston-based Aqua Leisure needed marketing videos and photography in the dead of winter, they came to South Florida and teamed up with Plum Productions. See Case Study

Tone-y-Bands needed a slick-looking, joyful marketing video to showcase how easy and effective these workout weights are. See More

Cold Brew is all the buzz in the coffee world! Plum Productions created this dramatic, rich-looking video, that’s featured on sites like ┬áSee Case Study

LexisNexis was quietly changing the world.  When they were ready to share their earth-shattering work, they turned to Plum Productions.



Twinlab is a giant in the supplement industry. Plum Productions creates videos for many of their innovative products.  See Case Study

Searcy Denney represents complainants in class action lawsuits across the country. When they have important updates for their clients, they communicate via video.

The Delray Beach office of Sandler Training wanted to showcase how their sales coaching services were impacting real local business. ┬áWe profiled one of the coachÔÇÖs favorite students.

Downsview Kitchens is known for their high end, innovative kitchen cabinetry.  For us, the challenge was all about doing their designs justice so they look as good on your screen as they do in person.

Plum Productions and the Y have teamed up for years to boost their fundraising efforts.  See Case Study

Temple Beth El

Non Profit

Toney Bands

Product Demo

Investments Limited

Drone Aerial Photography

Justin Carlin

Corporate Branding

Primula Coffee

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South Tower City Place

Real Estate


Non Profit

Aqua Liesure

Corporate Branding

Micro Popcorn

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