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Envision hundreds of thousands of organic views, each one of them an ad for your business! That’s the power of YouTube. At Plum Productions, we’re experts in YouTube content creation and channel management. We understand the YouTube  algorithm and develop a strategy and content that builds an audience.

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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

Founded in 1936 in Orlando, Florida, by Jack Holloway, who thought the end of Prohibition was a good time to start a wine/spirits business, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits are continuously assessing how their stores and services meet their customers’ needs. They carry a wide selection of gourmet foods, including cheeses, chocolates, and snack items, ideal for gifts, parties, or personal enjoyment. Same-day delivery from many stores allows for the delivery of last-minute gifts or wines, spirits, and beers for entertaining.

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The Humidor

Cigars purchased from TheHumidor.com are the closest thing to smoking the cigar right off the production line. We take a few crucial steps to ensure the maximum quality of your cigars. All cigars start in our state-of-the-art humidor. When your order is assembled, Boveda water pouches humidify each package during transportation, along with a seal and packing that limits movement and minimizes drying. It’s all about your peace of mind and you’ll smoke the difference.

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Jenn Jager

Jenn Jager is a business entrepreneur. As the founder of a bustling video production company, Jenn knows first-hand how short on time most business owners are. When she was asked to teach a group of professionals how to create their own videos at an event, she was surprised by the turnout! Small business owners across all industries knew they needed to incorporate video into their marketing plans, but they didn’t know how or where to start. Jenn empowered them by showing them the basics and the idea for the YouTube channel was born.

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Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials

Spinning off her original YouTube channel, this channel is dedicated to in-depth tutorials that will allow subscribers to gain expert knowledge from an experienced professional. Jenn is skilled in every facet of the video production process, including writing, producing, shooting, and editing. She supervises every project to make sure each piece gets the special finesse only a video professional with her level of expertise can deliver.

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The Kitchen Hack

Not a chef, and not trying to play one on TV! The Kitchen Hack is a busy professional with a passion for great, fast, and easy healthy food, usually low-carb and often keto-friendly. Over the years of cooking for his family and friends, he’s learned some time-saving shortcuts that he’s excited to share. He finds some corners are worth cutting, but sometimes taking a little extra time can make a big difference. Seafood, salads, plant-heavy meals, and smoking fish and meats are all passions of his.

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