Who is South Florida’s Best Video Production Company?

When hiring a video production company, there are several things to consider. We narrow down two areas: What to consider and Keys to a Successful Shoot.

Business and Video Marketing for 2020

Wow! That escalated quickly! If you’re run or own a business, the entire landscape changed drastically sometime around the beginning of March. By now you’ve been locked down for some time and are trying to figure out who might still be potential customers and who won’t be around much longer. A little scary, yes. Impossible? …

Top 3 Ways Video Can Help Business During Coronavirus Outbreak

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting us in the United States, there are a few things you can start to do to prevent a complete shutdown of your business if you have online options for sales. Obviously, you can count on having to stay home to work, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t shopping and watching …

The Case for Video Content Marketing and SEO Results

Whether the business is large or small, content is king when it comes to search and being found. According to OptimWise┬áthere are several factors that lead to success in being found in a search. OptimWise also shares that the items that are important and improve your chances are stuff like the quality of the content …

How to Produce and Execute Creative Video Marketing

If you’re looking to add digital marketing to your campaign or advertising mix, one of the elements that will float to the top in terms of importance is video marketing. In this blog post we share our thoughts on creating the right marketing mix and the right creative video to produce the results you’re after. …

Key Marketing Videos for Your Sales Funnel

Marketing drives sales. Sales drives the rest of the business. But how do you use video to enhance your sales process? This post will share how you can create videos for the entire sales funnel and which videos will become the most important for your business. Most marketing includes several components to maximize the dollar …

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